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Lodge Bread – Los Angeles, CA

Lodge Bread Los Angeles, CA

Alright guys, this is probably one of the most exciting Crumbs in the City posts I’ve done because it involves something near and dear to my heart – SOURDOUGH!

If you’ve known me for a while you know that I am a HUGE sourdough fan.  I grew up in the Bay Area on San Francisco sourdough, and then almost three years ago now I started making my own bread and cultivating starter at home.  This is a love that goes back to my childhood, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find a restaurant here in LA that specializes in this awesome bread tradition.

What’s the big deal about sourdough?  I pretty much tell everyone to go watch Cooked on the Netflix.  The episode titled, “Air,” goes in depth on bread, and how the kind of bread you might be eating is more of an enemy than bread itself.  Ultimately, it exposes why we are having a modern gluten problem, and why sourdough is really the only kind of bread we should be eating.  It turns out, this original form of bread is actually extremely low in gluten and much easier to digest thanks to its natural fermentation and wild yeast.  I generally try to eat gluten free except for sourdough for this reason.

It only takes three simple ingredients to make sourdough – flour, water, and salt.  And time and patience.   Any bread baker knows that using sourdough starter is a labor of love!  The entire baking process from start to finish can take upwards of 24hrs.  Thankfully, Lodge Bread handles all that stuff for us, and we just get to enjoy the tasty tasty results!

Everything from Lodge Bread’s ooey gooey cinnamon rolls (the size of my head, I might add) to their sandwiches, and perfectly flavored pizza is made with their epic sourdough, and it is all seriously mind blowingly good.

Crumbs in the City - Lodge Bread

Sourdough pizza at Lodge Bread in Los Angeles, CA

They offer baked goods up at the register, as well as loaves of their bread, but their restaurant menu changes based on what’s available seasonally.  They always have pizzas, sandwiches, toasts, etc. but the flavors or toppings will vary.  I actually love this concept because the foundation (aka their sourdough) is the constant, but there is always a chance to try something new!

Crumbs in the City - Lodge Bread (3 of 14)

Spicy sausage sourdough pizza at Lodge Bread

I also highly suggest following them on social media because they announce limited dishes like burger night, when they make their own buns.  These little pop up nights are not to be missed!

The restaurant itself is not that big, but the open concept allows you to enjoy watching the bakers as they shape and craft their breads and pizzas.  They also have a lovely covered patio outside with additional seating, some even offering a front row view of the pizza oven (my preferred spot to post up!).

Crumbs in the City - Lodge Bread (10 of 14)

Lodge Bread pizza is finger licking good!

If you’re a fan of sourdough, or just seriously awesome food and great people, I highly recommend making a stop at Lodge Bread.  Not only are you guaranteed a great meal, but the owners are there elbow deep in flour and dough, because they want to share their passion and art.  It’s a true neighborhood gem, and rumor has it (thanks to their Instagram) they are opening another location in Woodland Hills, CA!

Crumbs in the City - Lodge Bread (1 of 14)

Leave room for dessert! The salted caramel chocolate fudge brownie at Lodge Bread is the perfect way to finish your meal

Visit Lodge Bread – Los Angeles, CA

11918 Washington Bvld, Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 424-384-5097

Tuesday – Sunday:  8am-8pm

Follow Lodge Bread on Instagram







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