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Loqui Tacos – Culver City, CA

Loqui Culver City, CA

Happy Friday friends!  Tacos might be one of my favorite foods of all time.  So when I heard about a little hidden gem in Culver City called Loqui, of course I had to check it out!  Thankfully David is always willing to go on eating adventures with me, and let’s be honest, BIG tacos, and chips and guac is an easy sell!

Loqui is tucked in an unassuming little outdoor mall in Culver City.  The building area is so nondescript, that I have actually passed it multiple times on my journeys across town, and had never noticed it before!

There is plenty of street parking, and a structure across the street.  Once we found the restaurant (next to Blue Bottle Coffee – my favorite!), I was actually surprised how small it was on the inside.  There are a few tables and a communal bar.  But check out their charming, covered, back patio!  It is the perfect oasis to enjoy your meal.

You order at the counter, and the size of their menu matched the size of the space.  They only have four taco options – chicken, beef, pork, and mushroom, each one boasting different toppings.  They also offer four bowl options, a few sides, including a heaping mound of chips and guac (yes, please!), and a few drink options.  They do not have a full liquor license, just wine and beer.  But do not let their minimalistic menu fool you!  What they do, they do really, really well!

Crumbs in the City - Loqui Tacos (4 of 8)

From left to right: beef, chicken, mushroom tacos


Two important things to mention:

  1. They make their own flour tortillas.  So unless you really can’t eat flour, I highly recommend giving them a try because they are DE-LICIOUS!
  2. These are NOT street tacos.  These are smaller than a burrito, but much larger than your average size taco.

David and I shared three tacos all on their homemade flour tortillas – chicken, beef, and mushroom.  We also shared chips and guacamole, and two Mexican sparkling waters.  Our jaws dropped when we heard the total – $32!  As I mentioned, these are not two-bite tacos.  This was a serious meal for two, so we were pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it was.


Crumbs in the City - Loqui Tacos (1 of 8)

Now let’s talk tacos.  All three were unique and oozing with fresh flavors and ingredients.  I was each one offered a unique taste and explosion of flavor, especially the mushroom taco.  I am not normally a mushroom fan, but I was blown away by the flavor.  Can all mushrooms taste this good?  David’s favorite was the beef (the man loves meat).  Both the beef and chicken were fall apart tender and seasoned impeccably.  Definitely order the chips and guacamole!  That is always a nonnegotiable.

Crumbs in the City - Loqui Tacos (8 of 8)

From the friendly staff, to the seriously crave-able tacos (did you see those pictures!), to the breezy back patio, Loqui proved to be a wonderful meal in Culver City.  I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a low key spot to enjoy some absolutely unique and tasty tacos.

Visit Loqui:

8830 Washington Blvd #104, Culver City, CA 90232









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