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Patriotic Popsicles

Patriotic Popsicles from A Thousand Crumbs

I can’t believe 4th of July is next week!  Real talk for just a sec.  What happened to the first half of 2017?  Is it just me or is time moving faster and faster these days?  I mean, we’re officially on the downhill slide to Christmas…isn’t that crazy!?  Okay, okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves!  Back to red, white, and blue everything!

How are you celebrating 4th of July?  This has to be one of my favorite holidays!  I absolutely love celebrating the ‘ole U S of A, and the history of our great nation.  Plus, it is a great time to spend with family and friends, eat some good homemade food, relax, and just celebrate the Summer season.

If you love going full steam ahead into everything red, white, and blue for the holiday, you’re going to love these festive patriotic popsicles!  They are kid-friendly, made with fresh fruit, and super easy to assemble!  Furthermore, I kept the added sugar to a minimum, just adding a touch of agave to the coconut layer.  That dreamy white layer also has toasted coconut in it!  The strawberry and blueberry layers are completely 100% fruit!

I love my Zoku popsicle mold, but you can use whatever mold you prefer.  The Zoku makes six, 3oz 4th of July popsicles.  Adjust the recipe as needed for your popsicle size/mold.

Happy 4th of July friends!

4th of July Popsicles from A Thousand Crumbs (1 of 2)

Festive 4th of July Popsicles

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Serves: 6 Cooking Time: 1 Hour


  • 1 1/2 cups quartered fresh strawberries
  • 1/2 lemon, juiced, about 2 Tbsp
  • 1/2 can full-fat coconut milk
  • 1/4 cup toasted coconut flakes
  • 1 Tbsp agave
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 cups fresh blueberries



In a small food processor or blender (I use my Nutribullet), add strawberries and lemon juice. Pulse until almost puréed. Pour equal amounts of strawberry into the popsicle mold. Freeze for 20 minutes.


Rinse the bowl/blade of your food processor or blender. You'll use it again for the coconut layer.


Add coconut milk, vanilla, toasted coconut, and agave to your blender and pulse/blend until creamy.


Remove popsicle mold from the freezer and add your coconut layer on top of the strawberry, adding equal amounts to each well. Return popsicles to freezer for another 20 minutes.


Rinse the bowl/blade of your food processor or blender. You'll use it again for the blueberry layer.


Add blueberries to the blender and and pulse until almost puréed.


Remove popsicle mold from the freezer and add your blueberry layer on top of the coconut, adding equal amounts to each well.


Add popsicle sticks, and return the popsicles to the freezer to harden completely. About 3-4 hours.


This recipe was tested using a popsicle mold that yields 6 3oz popsicles. Adjust recipe accordingly if using a different mold.






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