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Van Leeuwen Ice Cream – Culver City, CA

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Culver City, CA - A Thousand Crumbs

I realize I have nothing to complain about living in Los Angeles, but holy humidity Batman!  What is up with this hot weather and crazy humidity?  The other day my car said 88 degrees outside, and it was POURING rain!  What???  I thought I lived in Southern California!  David jokes that if the temperature is outside the range of 68-75 degrees, or it rains, we shouldn’t have to pay taxes in Los Angeles during that time.  Feel free to make fun him for saying that, but it goes to show you how spoiled we are!  No one knows what to do what we actually get, “weather.”  If you’re in the Los Angeles area and looking to cool off with a tasty ice cream treat, head on over to Van Leeuwen Ice Cream in Culver City (or Downtown), or track down their ice cream trucks (usually hanging out on Abbott Kinney and by the Broad).  They are conveniently located next to my other favorite – Loqui Tacos, so my advice would be – grab some tacos and guac, and then pop next door for a scoop (or two, or three!).

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Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is originally from Brooklyn, and has been serving up epic ice cream flavors like peanut butter marshmallow crunch, and honeycomb, since 2008.  Of course, their spin on your traditional flavors like chocolate, and vanilla bean are not to be overlooked.  The chocolate they use is from a small French company, and soy lecithin free.  And for all of you vegans out there, they make some pretty tasty flavors for you as well!  Each flavor boasts a short ingredient list (the way ice cream should be!), and all ingredients are thoughtfully selected from the best local and international farmers and producers.

I love their throwback to artisan ice cream, and quality ingredients you can taste.  After all, if I am going to eat ice cream, it better be really stinking good!  The staff is always friendly, and of course, they let you try before you buy!

Crumbs in the City - Van Leeuwen Ice Cream (4 of 4)

My personal favorite – peanut butter marshmallow crunch


I highly recommend a trip to Van Leeuwen next time you’re in Los Angeles, or New York!  If you visit the Culver City shop, there is a lovely little mall to walk around, or a cozy sitting area to gather round and enjoy your fresh frozen treat.

Visit Van Leeuwen Ice Cream – Culver City, CA

8850 Washington Bvld, Culver City, LA
Phone: 424-341-0850

Sunday- Thursday 11am-11pm
Friday + Saturday 11am-11.30pm

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